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Asia Web Awards 2020 Official Selections Annoncement

November 21. 10:00AM Korea Time

Official Selections - November 21, 2020  

Nominations - December 5, 2020 

Awards - Live Streaming December 12, 2020 (10:00am Korea Time) 


Asia Web Awards 2020 International Official Selections

  1. Addiction (Malaysia)  

  2. After Nightfall (Australia) 

  3. Ahma & Alan (United States)

  4. Ain’t Last Call (Canada)

  5. And It Was Suddenly a Member of the Family (Italy) 

  6. Band Nightmares (United States)

  7. Benza English (Japan)  

  8. Beyond the Comic Panels (United States) 

  9. Brazzy Jazzy (United States) 

  10. Breathing Wood Beyond Xylella (Italy)  

  11. ButsoHandsUp 2 (South Korea)

  12. Butterfly Dream (South Korea)  

  13. Cancelled (Australia)

  14. Dadmate (Australia) 

  15. Darren Has A Breakdown (United Kingdom)

  16. Demon Doctor (United States)

  17. Demonologist For Hire (United Kingdom) 

  18. Dependence (United States)

  19. Detention Adventure (Canada)  

  20. Disney My Music Story (Japan) 

  21. Encontro (Brazil)

  22. Endline (Jordan)

  23. Evil Empire - Friday the 13th (South Korea) 

  24. Fairy Floss (Australia)

  25. Fishing Vessel Bomnal (South Korea)

  26. Florist (South Korea)

  27. Forest League (Brazil) 

  28. From the Earth to the Moon (Chile)

  29. Growing Up Guide Pup (United States) 

  30. Guns Is 4 (United States)  

  31. How to Buy a Baby S2 (Canada)

  32. How You Feel? (South Korea)

  33. If I Was There (Brazil)  

  34. IXA (Spain)

  35. Josh Hurts Virtual Dating (United Kingdom)

  36. La Dump (Canada) 

  37. La La Every You (Taiwan) 

  38. La Terre Est Ronde (France)

  39. Last Resort (United States)   

  40. Lawyering (Canada)

  41. Leme in Love (Brazil)    

  42. Like Me Like a Joker (Italy)

  43. Loner (New Zealand)

  44. Long Island South Shore (United States)

  45. Long Walks on the Beach (United States)   

  46. Lost & Found Cowboy (Japan) 

  47. LoversRock Chats (United States)

  48. Lower East Asides WEB (United States)

  49. Lukulele (United Kingdom)

  50. Machivellian (United States) 

  51. Magenta (Brazil)

  52. Man Of the Year (Canada)

  53. Messy (United States) 

  54. Meta Runner (Australia)

  55. MH (France)

  56. Migrant Stories (Argentina)   

  57. Miss Misery (Canada)

  58. My Life (United States)  

  59. My Life in Limbo (Canada) 

  60. My Name is Fran (Brazil) 

  61. Naughty Bits (New Zealand) 

  62. Okhee’s Interview (South Korea) 

  63. Orang Singapura (Singapore)

  64. Otherside (Brazil)

  65. Overcaterers Anonymous (Australia) 

  66. Peace Be Steel (United States) 

  67. People Like Us (Singapore)

  68. PT - Pain & Torture (United States)  

  69. Public Writer (Canada)

  70. Red Velvet Revolution (United Kingdom)  

  71. Requiem for the Living (United Kingdom) 

  72. Reverse (Brazil)

  73. Reverse Lives (Brazil)

  74. Romance Does It Arrive Today (South Korea)  

  75. Romeo (Italy) 

  76. Sex & Death (Australia) 

  77. Shakespeare Republic (Australia) 

  78. Silent Forest (Germany)  

  79. Sloppy Jones (Canada) 

  80. SOS, You’re 30 and Still Single (France) 

  81. Spicy (Germany)  

  82. Super Happy Kill Time S3 (United Kingdom) 

  83. T?? B?? What’s Your Choice? (South Korea)

  84. Talisman (United States)   

  85. The Cab’ (France) 

  86. The Emissary Of Time - Space (Japan)

  87. The Gliwensbourg Chronicles (France) 

  88. The Jersey Connection S2 (United States)

  89. The King of Enlightenment (South Korea) 

  90. The Last Life of Bruce Thunderbolt (Brazil)

  91. The Letter (South Korea)  

  92. The Maine Way (United States) 

  93. The Pool (United States) 

  94. The Revolution of Odile (Spain)

  95. The Square Root (United States)  

  96. Tippy Top - Hunt & Gather (Germany) 

  97. Top Dogs - Homicides (Canada) 

  98. Trust Us and Be Patient (South Korea) 

  99. Vision of a Vivid Life (United Kingdom) 

  100. Welcome To the Family (Australia)

  101. Wharf Rats (Canada)

  102. Youth Tarot (South Korea)

  103. Lost & Found Cowboy - In the Time of COVID - Trailer   


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Official Selections - November 21, 2020  

Nominations - December 5, 2020 

Awards - Live Streaming December 12, 2020 (10:00am Korea Time) 


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Asia Web Awards 2020 Awards

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Web Film

A web film is a film made with the medium of the Internet and its distribution constraints in mind. 

This term aims to differentiate content made for the Internet from content made for other media, such as cinema or television, that has been converted into a World Wide Web-compatible format. Web films are a form of new media. It's short film. 

Web Series

A web series is designed like a television series -- through a series of episodes -- except it is watched on the web. And while a TV series usually requires big production costs, celebrity TV stars, and large media companies, a web series doesn't have to have all that stuff. As long as you have a camera and a creative idea for a show, anyone can create their own show for the web.

Music Video / Vlog

Music Video Creator, Youtuber & Vlogger.

Pilot / Trailer

Series pilot / Trailers of Web Film, Web Series, Vlog

Submissions Closed for Asia Web Awards 2020 

VR360 / Drone

Virtul Reality 360 short film / Drone short film

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